A reflection on BUS4074S

It is called eMarketing today, but there will come a stage where it will just be called marketing. Where it will become a growing essential ingredient to the marketing successes of any business, as is presently witnessed. A platform for businesses to meet potential customers and for customers to engage with these businesses. Stephanie Houslay, the eMarketing guru that convened the eMarketing course BUS4073S at UCT shared this at the very beginning of the course. These insights caused the re-evaluation of the marketing strategies of Sols Sandals, the business that I have co-founded. The application of what I have learnt in lectures, on my business has caused a significant and measurable impact on my business.

I have come to realise that the foundations of eMarketing lie in parallel to those of Marketing. It is important to know and understand consumer behaviour. Di Charton, a guest lecture, elaborated on the recent trends in digital consumer behaviour. The question I asked myself with relation to my business was: what do potential customers do when they are online? I have found that most of them either open their emails or go on Facebook. Through this, I have managed to spend some money on Facebook advertising. This allowed for more likes and visits to the page.

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Video Optimization

Video Optimization

One of the things that women spend a lot of time on is their hair. Especially the women between the ages of 15-14. This led me to the creation of a how to guide: How to tie up one’s hair natural 4 C type hair in a bun. Easy, effortless and it works. Channels to be used: YouTube, and shared on platforms such as Facebook & Twitter.

The concept of the idea came after the realisation of the easy implementable solution to bad hair days. Thereafter, creation was fairly simple. I have realised that the strength to video creation for any brand is that is visually stimulating and can therefore easily capture and hold the attention of the consumer if it is exciting enough as compared to text. However, in creating the excitement brand identity, promise and purpose must not be lost. All material must be aligned with the organisations strategic objectives.

The optimization of the video however, is one which provided the most learning opportunity. As this is an area I had not been pre-exposed to, I welcomed this learning, and from reading books and articles utilized the learning in the following manner: Continue reading

My Digital Footprint

2 years ago there was a change in the way I went about my online presence. I became more conscious of the posts I would update and the pictures that I would upload. I started creating profiles on sites such as LinkedIn and SkilledPages. I wanted my personal online brand to be an accurate reflection of me. One which was professional, consistent and strong in presence.

I googled myself recently and this is what I found:


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